HCSD Recognizes Darrell Saucier Grant Winners

HCSD Recognizes Darrell Saucier Classroom Grant Winners
(HARRISON COUNTY, MS) Congratulations to six teachers and a social worker in the Harrison County School District on being selected as our 2020-21 Darrell Saucier Innovative Classroom Grant recipients! On Wednesday night, each winner received a $1,000 check during a special presentation before the Harrison County School Board. We are so proud of the following grant recipients and their creative classroom projects:

Darrell Saucier Grant - Logan
  • Bridget Logan – Woolmarket & D’Iberville Elementary – “Why Try Class Journals”: This curriculum teaches life skills that are critical for the future success of every student referred to the program. The journals offer daily activities to reinforce the social and emotional development associated with the lessons being introduced.

    Darrell Saucier - Hollingsworth
  • Jeanette Hollingsworth – Pineville Elementary – “Fire 8 Tablets”: The tablets will be used to facilitate centers for reading and math among kindergartners. This new technology will help enhance classroom engagement and knowledge retention to improve student achievement, close the gap for struggling students, and improve overall learning.

    Darrell Saucier - Joiner
  • Stephani Joiner – Bel-Aire Elementary – “I Know I Can”: This is a career exploration program that teaches gifted students skills to succeed in the real world.  Students will use a variety of media and technology for their videos and presentations. The goal is to help them prepare for the workforce by applying research, writing, creativity, critical thinking, information literacy, leadership, communication, and college and career readiness skills.  

The following teachers received grants for their project “Tinker, Create, Innovate”: Students will use Kiwi Crates to explore exciting and engaging STEM-based projects. The crates contain fun and innovative activities for both the classroom and at home to enhance learning and critical thinking skills. Students will have an opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, while integrating other state standards like reading and writing.

  • Claudia McDonald (not pictured) – North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School

    Darrell Saucier - Landrum
  • Sharon Landrum – North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School

    Darrell Saucier - Johnson
  • Tina Johnson – North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School

    Darrell Saucier - Megan Gill
  • Megan Gill – North Woolmarket Elementary & Middle School

The Darrell Saucier Innovative Classroom Grant was established in June of 2019 to ensure outstanding Harrison County School District teachers and teacher assistants have access to funds to help engage students for many years to come. These awards were made possible by Mr. Darrell Saucier, who passed away in 2019 and named the Harrison County School District as the beneficiary of his savings account. Mr. Saucier’s gift of $642,884.84 was the largest donation in HCSD’s 63-year history!

Darrell Saucier

HCSD is also using Mr. Saucier’s large donation to award $250 grants to first-time teachers in the district, as well as $1,000 annual scholarships to Harrison County School District seniors and graduating juniors who are majoring in education.

By supporting educators and their classroom curriculum, the Harrison County School District is continuing to honor the legacy of Mr. Saucier, who had a reverence for education and a strong belief in community service. HCSD would like to thank Mr. Saucier for his generosity, kindness, and support of our teachers, students, and staff.