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Human Resources Information

Office of Human Resources

Welcome to Harrison County School District! We are excited that you are here with us and hope that we can make you feel welcome here in our district.

Our offices are open to you every day, Monday through Friday, and we look forward to helping you with any areas you may need assistance with during your tenure with us.

 Below are some of the key roles of our Human Resources Staff but are not limited to those listed, if we cannot assist you, we can direct you to whoever can so, please feel free to stop by, call or email us your questions.

Office of Personnel

Toni Schonewitz




Quotes/Single Source

MSIS Reporting (Personnel)


Active Applicant (Job Postings)  

Loan Forgiveness Paperwork


Pam Cannette


Teacher/At Will Contracts

Coaching Contracts

Supplement/Addendum Contracts

MSIS Reporting (Personnel)

National Board Certifications

Military Salaries (JROTC)


Payroll Department

 Lisa Orr                                   Chris Lewis   

228-539-7232                                228-539-6510


Direct Deposit

Federal/State Taxes 

Active Resources

Verification of Income or Employment for Financial 

 Garnishments  –  PERS  –  Unemployment


Human Resources Employee Processing

Angie Newman-Beattie




New Hire On-Boarding

Verification of Employment


Insurance Department

Kimberly Lee



Employee Insurance/Benefits