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Harrison County School District

11072 Hwy 49, Gulfport, MS 39503

Phone 228-539-6500 | Fax 228-539-6507

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The Harrison County School District is the fourth largest district in student population in the State of Mississippi. The district is comprised of all areas outside the municipalities located in Harrison County.

Within this area of approximately 450 square miles are nine unique communities, each with a rich cultural heritage and diverse population. While this district is large and diverse, the community school concept is maintained and promoted. There are a total of 24 schools serving approximately 14,400 students in this neighborhood-type setting. Students may attend grades kindergarten through 12, receiving a broad range of services including Special Education, Gifted Education, English Learner, and Title I provisions. Based on Average Daily Attendance, the student-teacher ratio in the Harrison County School District is 17:1.

The Harrison County School District is a fast-growing, fully accredited, progressive school district that maintains its closeness to parents through a variety of organizations and a spirit of parent-school-community involvement. The Harrison County School District strives daily for excellence in education through meeting the needs of the whole child. This compilation of information is a brief summary of these efforts.

This is a unique and progressive district committed to quality education. The uniqueness of this district is reflected in the location of its schools in a variety of large and small communities. Each of these communities possesses a neighborhood atmosphere in which the school serves as a focal point. The culture, goals, and values of each community are respected and valued by school personnel. This appreciation of the community allows diversity, yet parents, teachers, and students across the district share a common focus. Together, they work to provide the best education possible for the individual child. Progress in this district is reflected through a broad curriculum, which addresses the needs of the individual child, a wide range of extra-curricular activities, a diverse and successful sports program, and building programs that are ongoing to meet the ever-growing student population. The Harrison County School District has been an A-rated school district since 2018 and continues to provide quality educational opportunities for students throughout the district.

Harrison County on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is centrally located on the Gulf of Mexico and the Interstate 10 corridor between Louisiana and Alabama; our coastal region has a strong, diversified economy. The county has both rural and suburban settings. There are many businesses and industries within the Harrison County School District and Harrison County, from fishing, gaming, military, etc. Harrison County School District is one of the top employers in the county.

The Harrison County School District has seen tremendous growth since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Additional classrooms, facilities, and schools have been built to accommodate the growth and expansion. As this trend continues, so will the efforts in building an ever-growing infrastructure. Most recently, West Harrison Middle School was opened in the 2021-2022 school year, and Creekbend Elementary & Middle School opened the next school year in 2022-2023. We are continuing to expand our facilities with different expansion projects for both buildings and athletic facilities.